[Asterisk-Dev] Makefile changes in CVS HEAD

Michael Bielicki cypromis at gmail.com
Mon Jun 6 00:58:46 MST 2005

On 6/6/05, Brian Capouch <brianc at palaver.net> wrote:
> Michael Bielicki wrote:
> > Yeah that was the reason for the date being in there so I have no idea
> > why you changed that. Seems a bit contraproductive. Also what would be
> > quite interesting from a users perspective is why you commit something
> > that does not even compile ?
> >
> I'm going to bet that the tree compiled OK on his machine.  The Asterisk
> source tree is a big puppy.
> It's CVS.  I sometimes forget that; it is so stable.
> Tightening, tweaking, cleaning, etc., is tough stuff, and thankless work
> for the most part.
> We all owe Kevin a big thanks for his hard work in this respect.
> B.

True. I think Kevin is doing quite some great stuff here but
nevertheless it should be rule for people that give certain advice to
other people ot keep theselves to mentioned advice as well.

Michal Bielicki

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