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alex at pilosoft.com alex at pilosoft.com
Fri Jun 3 06:07:04 MST 2005

On Fri, 3 Jun 2005, Matthew Boehm wrote:

> What they offer is an "address -> psap number" lookup database. They
> have a SOAP interface so what you could do is, when you recieve a 911
> call from a customer, you do a lookup in your local database to get the
> address of your customer, then you send that address to these guys's
> system. Their system returns the phone number of the psap that services
> the customers area.
This is very useful thing. If you require customers to register their 
location, and use their service, you 'solve' the problem'.

Unfortunately, not all PSAPs have 10-digit number you can dial. Many of 
those that do have it as 'general access line' which isn't answered by 
emergency response personnel.

> Does anyone know of a provider/solution where we can simply send a SIP
> 911 call and have it terminated properly to the right psap? -Matthew
Based on what, magic?

Repeat after me: It is not possible, to retrieve geographic location based
on IP address.


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