[Asterisk-Dev] [Asterisk-biz] company info - 911/PSAPservicesconference call

Matthew Boehm mboehm at cytelcom.com
Fri Jun 3 08:32:17 MST 2005

> This is very useful thing. If you require customers to register their
> location, and use their service, you 'solve' the problem'.

    It is useful, but does not meet the requirement of delivering E911.

>> Does anyone know of a provider/solution where we can simply send a
>> SIP 911 call and have it terminated properly to the right psap?
> Repeat after me: It is not possible, to retrieve geographic location
> based on IP address.

    I know you can't. I didn't say that's what I wanted. In the PSTN world,
when someone dials 911, a database gets dipped with the person's ANI and the
address of that ANI is retreived. That packet of info is then forwarded on
to the PSAP for that ANI and the address pops up on the computer screens at
the PSAP. I'm looking for a carrier (in fact, we all are if we want to be
E911 compliant) that can do that, but do it via an incomming SIP call rather
than PSTN call.
    Basically need a carrier that can recieve a 911 SIP call, do a lookup in
the database and send that info to PSAP. I've been told that Broadwing can
do this but I'd like more choices.


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