[Asterisk-Dev] [Asterisk-biz] company info - 911/PSAP servicesconference call

Matthew Boehm mboehm at cytelcom.com
Fri Jun 3 06:48:05 MST 2005

JetSpeak wrote:
> FYI, the company this call is primarily with is Empower Geographics
> (www.empowergeo.com).  If you've had any experiences with them in the
> past or any opinions on them and what they're doing, please reply to
> the list.  They will be doing a demonstration on their psap query
> service, but I do not yet have an answer as to how many people will
> be able to use the demo at once.

We just had a conference call with these guys and wanted to share our
experience. Basically these guys are a GPS mapping company. They know
nothing of SIP, MGCP, etc..

What they offer is an "address -> psap number" lookup database. They have a
SOAP interface so what you could do is, when you recieve a 911 call from a
customer, you do a lookup in your local database to get the address of your
customer, then you send that address to these guys's system. Their system
returns the phone number of the psap that services the customers area.

Doesn't seem like these guys are going to be helpful to us.

Does anyone know of a provider/solution where we can simply send a SIP 911
call and have it terminated properly to the right psap?


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