[Asterisk-Dev] Odd problem with asterisk in boot time

Fernando Romo pop at cofradia.org
Wed Jul 28 17:18:31 MST 2004

Dear Developers:

Well, i run asterisk in many machines with kernel 2.4 without problems, 
but recently we star to buy new Intel Motherboards and SATA-HD. This 
force to me to use a new Kernel version (2.6.7), beacouse the old Kernel 
don't support the new HD and the new chipset of my Motherboard (Intel 

I use FC2 with Kernel 2.6.7 and compile the zaptel drivers and modules 
without problem. I define the udev devices and zaptel recognize my 
TDM400P and the FXO/FXS channels.

i make a symbolic links to the following devices:

/dev/zap/channel -> /udev/zap/channel
/dev/zap/ctl -> /udev/zap/ctl
/dev/zap/pseudo -> /udev/zap/pseudo
/dev/zap/timer -> /udev/zap/timer

This is to force the devices without modify the chan_zap.c and don't 
brake any dependence in asterisk.

Everything works fine, but the real problem comes when y put the 
/etc/init.d/asterisk  scripts to initialize like deamond. In the boot 
process, Zaptel load without problems and asterisk report sucesfully 
load but when a check the log messages, asterisk die few seconds later.

I login with a root acount and start asterisk wit "-c" and asterisk work 
fine. I notice if i try to start  asterisk in the shell few seconds 
later of the boot process, this fail and report problems with the 
channel_zap creation.

If i wait a few moments, and start asterisc in console mode or deamond, 
works fine. But obviusly i need the PBX load in boot time in case of a 
power lose.

I think the problem maybe is caused for the UDEV identification process 
and the time taked for the kernel to activate this UDEV devices.

Any Ideas?

Thanks in advanced..... Fernando Romo
                                      pop at cofradia.org

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