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dking at pimpsoft.com dking at pimpsoft.com
Sat Jul 24 19:31:21 MST 2004

Your not getting it.

If I as the owner of a software project can not stop a company from abusing the code or source or changing my license what makes you think Digum has the right to take the rights of people who code things and do the same? They cant.

Once GPLed software is always GPL. You can't take it out and if you could you would still be violating others rights to the source since by the GPL you cant not have people sing over there rights since the GPL explicitly states that you must give others the same rights you have. If you have no rights you must legally give others no rights, and as you can not have no rights under the GPL anything since it explicitly states you have the rights to it as the content creator saying you have no rights to the work you 
did is invalid and illegal! Thus you can not legal give up your rights under the gpl and sign them over. You still have your rights to your work as anything signed over to digum is against the GPL and thus invalid as the GPL stands first.

On 24 Jul 2004 at 21:59, Andrew Kohlsmith wrote:

> On Saturday 24 July 2004 22:03, dking at pimpsoft.com wrote:
> > You just agreed Digium at any time can take Asterisk out of open source and
> > make future versions proprietary no matter how much open source work is
> > done on it
> This is correct.  I see absolutely no problem with it.  ANY GPL project can do 
> this.  Any one.  Digium is just heading off any potential legal issues at the 
> head.
> > Also your wrong on the idea that they have absolute control since I was in
> > a similar problem with some of my own work
> > designed/coded//invented/whatever by me and a company that stole the source
> > code/design, violated my license, and used it both commercially and under a
> > entirely different and incompatible license without following my terms.
> > That is how I know what is illegal and what is not, I have first hand
> > experience you all lack.
> Um... What license is Digium violating?  None.  You sign away your rights to 
> the code you contribute but nobody's forcing you to contribute so it is your 
> choice to do so or not.
> You are obviously unhappy with Digium and how they do business.  You are also 
> obviously in the minority.  Please leave.
> -A.
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