[Asterisk-Dev] voicemail message number limits

Jeremy McNamara jj at nufone.net
Sat Jul 24 19:39:54 MST 2004

dking at pimpsoft.com wrote:

> Your not getting it.

No, your not getting it.

 From one of two official versions of Digium's disclaimer

1.(a) Contributer hereby agrees to grant to Owner, and does hereby
grant, a non-exclusive, royalty-free and non-cancellable right to use
changes and/or enhancements made to the programs Asterisk, Gnophone,
astcc, Gastman, libiax (herein called the Program), as Owner sees fit.
Provided, however, that this grant does not limit Contributer's rights
or any public rights to said changes.

This means you give Digium the right to use your code in the application 
it was written for and the fact that you are giving this right to Digium 
does not take away your rights to your code.

Your opposition to this issue is quite odd.  Why would Digium want to 
take Asterisk out of the GPL?  I cannot see your reasoning behind why 
you think Digium would want to make Asterisk proprietary.

Asterisk works because it is open-source.

Jeremy McNamara

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