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Thu Jul 22 13:47:19 MST 2004

I explained what roles David Maclean and I had at PI, and the authorities
those roles had, because most of those who read previous messages did not
know that, as was clear from one of the replies. I reported facts. What
you make of them is up to you. I am not going to argue with anyone the
conclusions they draw from those facts.

I contacted a number of people in the Asterisk community recently and in
the past about our Asterisk book. All of them were contacted using my
email address. I am using asterisk at packtpub.com because one of our public
email addresses has already received an abusive message triggered by
earlier messages that were posted on this list. I am not keen on getting
more of these sent to my email address. Using special email addresses for
public forums is a common and effective method to control spam. If you
want to make even this practice proof of ill intention, then I have
nothing more to say to convince you otherwise. Again, I did not post to
this list to discuss conclusions and manipulate interpretations, but to
respond to untrue claims.

I posted to this forum because one of the people that I contacted about
our Asterisk book chose instead of checking with me first the claims he
read in a blog article to post the link to the article to the list. I
asked that person to post my reply to him to this forum on my behalf, but
he suggested that I should do that. I am not an Asterisk developer, and I
did not want to have to subscribe to the list to send messages that are
clearly not what this forum was designed for.

I hope that this is my last message to this forum about this subject. My
intention was to respond to untrue allegations by stating facts, and I
have done that. I will not take part in discussing what people make of
those facts. The only thing that could force me to write again about this
issue is posting serious and misleading allegations that I have not
already addressed. I sincerely hope that I will not have to do that.

If anyone is interested in asking me about anything, they are welcome to
write to me at asterisk-dev at lists.digium.com. I will try my best to answer
all questions, and I will use my other email address in doing so.

My apologies for those who had no interest in my messages, and my thanks
to those who read them.



> It doesn't matter who or what connection he has with that company. The
> fact of the matter is he was directly linked with a company that cheated
> people out of money and is thus guilty by association. In the same way you
> can not prove outright that we can not prove he is responsible for this
> you can not prove that you are not.
> The only way to get people to trust anyone with knowledge of this is for
> the parent company to do the right thing, anything else can only be seen
> as a attempt to get good public relations, just like how your company set
> up a email address just for contacting this list; if you really wanted to
> do the right thing and be in good with the public you would not be
> actively trying to circumvent outside communication, for example.

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