[Asterisk-Dev] channel driver sample Coding/Transcoding/Conferences

Adam Hart adam at teragen.com.au
Sun Jul 4 21:36:14 MST 2004

Federico Alves wrote:

> I followed with utmost attention the discussion about DSP vs. CPU. Coming
> from the Dialogic world, I tend to like the fact that I know the audio
> quality of the nth call will be identical to the quality of the first. But
> the Xbox with 21 billion instructions per second for $300 changes the
> picture qualitatively, not only quantitatively. My question is, can I
> install Linux+Asterisk + hook a T1 card to an Xbox? How many T1 cards? I
> think we can build a better Cisco here, a better gateway. That's what the
> world needs: a cheap SIP+H23 + G729 gateway, so the cost of replacing the
> copper becomes small. Has anybody installed Asterisk on an Xbox and hooked a
> T1 card to it?
> Federico

That was for the Xbox 2, due next year - I only mentioned it as it's in 
order of 10 times cheaper than the current cost per channel. Given 
moore's law, nothing will beat it for awhile. It's great example of mass 
produced generic vs purpose built


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