[Asterisk-Dev] channel driver sample Coding/Transcoding/Conferences

Federico Alves sales at minixel.com
Sun Jul 4 20:50:40 MST 2004

I followed with utmost attention the discussion about DSP vs. CPU. Coming
from the Dialogic world, I tend to like the fact that I know the audio
quality of the nth call will be identical to the quality of the first. But
the Xbox with 21 billion instructions per second for $300 changes the
picture qualitatively, not only quantitatively. My question is, can I
install Linux+Asterisk + hook a T1 card to an Xbox? How many T1 cards? I
think we can build a better Cisco here, a better gateway. That's what the
world needs: a cheap SIP+H23 + G729 gateway, so the cost of replacing the
copper becomes small. Has anybody installed Asterisk on an Xbox and hooked a
T1 card to it?


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