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Ed Devine ncfm at airmail.net
Fri Jan 30 16:18:15 MST 2004

I'm developing a system for use as a replacement/backup phone switch using digium T410p boards. I've whipped the initial problem with using a Nortel Meridian to simulate outbound calls, and I've got rudimentary call routing tables built. Before I can go much further I need to figure out how to dial into the asterisk system and have it answer with dialtone. I know this may sound strange, but I'm trying to emulate the functionality of our DMS 100 system presently in use for the same purpose. 

 As calls will be routing into the asterisk system from various equipment (i.e. automated dialers, ARS and LCR programming in PBX, both analog and digital, etc...) via T1's, I'll need to answer the inbound calls and return dialtone immediately.

As an example of how I'm trying to get the system to work, the following simple example might help:

At present, a caller (person, dialer, or pbx) dials into the our  DMS 100 switch via a regular telephone number say for example 972-555-1122, our DMS 100 switch answers the call and returns switch dialtone, the caller then dials a 7 digit authorization code, followed immediately by the digits of the called number. The DMS 100 verifies the authorization code, selects an outbound trunk, and routes the called number digits. 

I've pretty much got the routing covered at this point, I'm just not sure how to get the Asterisk system to answer and give me dialtone immediately. Any ideas or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
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