[Asterisk-Dev] iaxcomm asterisk config

Gary Ruddock garyruddock at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 22 13:32:26 MST 2004

>On Thu, 22 Jan 2004 10:53:18 +0000, "Gary Ruddock" 
><garyruddock at hotmail.com>
> >When I  load up IAXCOMM using my default account. IAXCOMM says 
> >rejected'.
>I have seen this on two occasions: 1) iax.conf was requiring plaintext auth
>(evil), and 2) asterisk not listening on the right IP.

Thanks for the advice, i went through iax.conf and it looked ok. I chaged 
the router config to allow IAX to go through PAT to asterix server. It works 

I also managed to compile gnophone and connect , so things are looking up!

>Can you send me (off list) the console output of iax2 debug when you try to
>register?  Along with the appropriate entry in your iax.conf?
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