[DIRECT] Re: [Asterisk-Dev] Compiling on panther byteswap.h missing

Conroy, Lawrence (SMTP) lwc at roke.co.uk
Fri Jan 23 02:35:12 MST 2004

Hi again Tom,
This is a symptom of the Makefile not recognising Panther as Darwin.
That's why I suggested the patch to the Asterisk main directory 

The failed make may leave stuff around, so zap the directory or just
Make clean.

Add the patch we talked about earlier on the list,

then make.

This SHOULD work, and certainly does here.

all the best,

On 22 Jan 2004, at 6:57 pm, toms at xmission.com wrote:

> Has anyone had a problem compiling asterisk on the Mac. I made the 
> Makefile
> change but the compile fails needing byteswap.h.
> Thanks,
> Tom Schaefer
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