[Asterisk-Dev] Source code for Iax Phone (the new IAX client) now available

Steven Sokol ssokol at sokol-associates.com
Thu Jan 22 16:30:27 MST 2004

The source code for IAX Phone is now available.  You can get it from the
downloads page at the main Iax Phone site:


The package currently contains the source for the GUI portion of the
phone, plus the ActiveX components that interface with the IAX server.
The code for the lowest-level portions of the project (the iaxClient
library that creates the WIAX1 and WIAX2 DLLs) will be released once the
iaxClient community has synchronized.

If anybody out there is a Windows coder and would like to work on
improving this version (especially the stability) please let me know.
If anybody out there would like to take on the challenge of porting this
to Linux and Mac, please also contact me.



P.S. - You can download the binary installation package from that same

The bug/feature tracker page is here:

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