[Asterisk-Dev] IAX2 Transfer Message Sequence?

Steven Sokol ssokol at sokol-associates.com
Fri Jan 16 10:22:23 MST 2004

Can anyone summarize the sequence of messages that need to be
sent/received in order to execute an IAX2 native transfer?  I just asked
on IRC and was dutifully told "read the source". Duh.  I have read the
source. And googled the archive.  The source tells me what all of the
command are, and how Asterisk processes each of them.  It just doesn't
tell me anything about the sequence that Asterisk is expecting in order
to execute either a blind or a consultative transfer.

Any assistance, now matter how brief, would be greatly appreciated.

<flame heat="moderate" duration="short">
I understand that the best way to learn about this stuff is to read the
source.  While I am a newbie to Asterisk, I am a professional developer.
What really chaps my hide is when some erstwhile guru responds to a
direct, logical question with a terse: "Read the source." What do you
think I have been doing?  I'm not asking about how to set up bloody
Music-On-Hold here.  I am asking an intelligent question about the inner
workings of the system.  Please don't bother to respond if you all you
are going to do is tell me to read the source.  I already know that.  I
really would like to help.  I want to add something to the community,
but bullshit answers don't really fuel the fire.

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