[Asterisk-Dev] Asterisk phone system parts for sale...

Luis Mata mataluis at xtremenetworks.biz
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Do you have a price list?. Thanks.

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My previous employer is looking to sell their asterisk phone system
The system was pretty decent sized, 3 inbound T1s, 3 channel banks etc...

Here's the list of available stuff, they'd prefer a single sale but may part

2   Digium T400P 4 port T1 cards
3   CAC access bank 1 channel banks with battery backup
3   Port breakout panels and cabling for channel banks
~48 ADSI phones.  Aastra 390s, unlocked ( or we have the code, I forget
which )

All this cost quite a bit but can be had at a good price.

If interested, contact me.
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