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Mon Jan 19 08:56:44 MST 2004

Well, I have gotten a lot of inquiries so I am going to try and answer a few of the common questions.

The system worked quite well though we did have some reliability issues with the computers chosen as
they were serious overkill and not well supported by the linux kernel.

The basic system we had was thus:
Dell 8550 Dual P4 Xeon system with 2Gb ram
2 T400P T1 cards
3 T1 lines to telco, 1 local, 2 WATS - all national ISDN
3 Carrier Access Access Bank 1 channel banks, all FXO, with battery modules
~60 internal lines connected to telephones
~48 ADSI phones, all Aastra 390s
35 operators during busy times

We ran around 2500 inbound calls per day during busy times, about 300 calls / hour.

Average call time was about 8 minutes, callers spent a bit of time in queue in a queue application I

We had a fair bit of bitching from the operators at the phones, mostly blaming phones for poor
performance at their jobs.  As an aside, the current system, an Avaya Definity, still gets the same
amount of complaints it just costs 30 times as much.

I am still waiting for the inventory and a price range.  I know what we paid as I ordered all the
parts and that was around $8500.00

All of the parts are in good order although there are a few bum Aastra 390 phones, probably less
than 10.

The computer is NOT available as it is now their domain backup.  The nice mid height rack is also


asterisk at billheckel.com wrote:

> My previous employer is looking to sell their asterisk phone system 
> components.
> The system was pretty decent sized, 3 inbound T1s, 3 channel banks etc...
> Here's the list of available stuff, they'd prefer a single sale but may 
> part out.
> 2   Digium T400P 4 port T1 cards
> 3   CAC access bank 1 channel banks with battery backup
> 3   Port breakout panels and cabling for channel banks
> ~48 ADSI phones.  Aastra 390s, unlocked ( or we have the code, I forget 
> which )
> All this cost quite a bit but can be had at a good price.
> If interested, contact me.
> Bill
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