[Asterisk-Dev] Asterisk phone system parts for sale...

dpobanz at hastingsutilities.com dpobanz at hastingsutilities.com
Wed Jan 14 22:27:57 MST 2004

I may be interested in the whole shooting match. We will be going though phase 2
of rolling out our new system in the next couple months. 

What kind of a figure is your previous employer thinking of? 

Did you fully have the phones working? 

If so, what was the users experience with the sytem? 

Don Pobanz
Communications Engineer 
Hastings Utilities
Hastings, NE 68901

Quoting asterisk at billheckel.com:

> My previous employer is looking to sell their asterisk phone system
> components.
> The system was pretty decent sized, 3 inbound T1s, 3 channel banks etc...
> Here's the list of available stuff, they'd prefer a single sale but may part
> out.
> 2   Digium T400P 4 port T1 cards
> 3   CAC access bank 1 channel banks with battery backup
> 3   Port breakout panels and cabling for channel banks
> ~48 ADSI phones.  Aastra 390s, unlocked ( or we have the code, I forget which
> )
> All this cost quite a bit but can be had at a good price.
> If interested, contact me.
> Bill
> _______________________________________________

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