[Asterisk-Dev] Re: External Call Control/ CTI

toms at xmission.com toms at xmission.com
Mon Jan 12 10:16:23 MST 2004

Regarding call control, the issue is not really buying an external
application. It is really the fact that I already have an external
application that is fully mature. Rewriting it to FIT into asterisk does
not make sense. It would be a better use of resources to make an external
call control interface to asterisk to allow the existing code to work. The
benefit is that other CTC Client (CT Connect) applications can then use
asterisk as a backend. THis would be useful even as a demonstration
platform. You could being asterisk on a laptop with a 323 phone and route
calls around rather than hauling a circuit switched platform around. 

SO, I do not knot doubt it is possible to put the logic in asterisk, but it
does not make sense with all the code out there to do call routing

This thread has answered my question. I will start to investigate adding the
required call control interfaces to the product.


Tom Schaefer

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