[Asterisk-Dev] Asterisk - PIM integration? How should it work?

Christian Hecimovic checimovic at qworks.ca
Mon Jan 12 15:13:58 MST 2004

You might be interested in seeing what this guy did:


Essentially, you need a scriptable address book which can talk to a web 
server, which in turn talks to Asterisk's Manager interface. It looks pretty 

On Monday 12 January 2004 08:11, Steve Murphy wrote:
> Question:
> What would it take to provide some integration between a PIM (eg
> Evolution), and Asterisk?
> I guess features, like being able to point to an email address in your
> email, and right click
> and select dial, and maybe get list of numbers in a pop up if the email
> address is associated
> with several different phone numbers, select the one you want, and...
> well, asterisk is contacted,
> a request is passed to dial a given number and connect with a certain
> local extension (yours).
> I guess you'd have to have option in Evolution for such: the IP number
> of an asterisk server,
> the name of the extension the user would like to use to talk to a
> party... (Zap/5?  Sip/name?)
> I guess asterisk would have to figure out that (Zap/5) is associated
> with a certain context,
> open up a channel to it, then act like that extension just dialed a
> number, and let the normal
> dialplan take care of it from there... I don't know if the user would
> have to pick up the phone to
> start the process, or whether the user would have to wait for the phone
> to ring, and be bridged.
> Question is: can astman and its protocol handle this sort of thing? How
> do far more experienced
> asterisk folks view such integration?
> murf

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