[Asterisk-Dev] Learn some respect. was Re: benevolent dictatorship, or inclusive developer community?

Christopher J. Wolff chris at bblabs.com
Tue Jan 6 22:20:29 MST 2004


As glad as I am to see some commentary on the status of the project and
suggestions for the future administration of the code, I am also disgusted
to see the level of ingratitude shown toward those responsible for getting
the project this far.  

As of this moment, Asterisk is a production quality softswitch solution that
many of us are more than willing to use for our own selfish commercial
purposes.  Quite frankly, I'm not interested in rocking the
Digium/Nufone/Brian West souffle' in a manner that will disrupt the
relatively continuous flow of updates and support that I'm used to now.

However, I do think that the * project could benefit from an experienced IT
Project Manager like myself (with over $30 million in successfully
administered contracts) so I offer that skillset to the project.

Similarly, this seems like an appropriate juncture for Digium to release a
bare-bones, yet stable asterisk (a'la Fedora) and for Digium to focus on
for-profit projects that add value or specialized vertical feature sets
(i.e. doctors office/lawyers office telephony).  

I could probably stir up a $10m initial round of funding for this purpose.
This would preserve existing revenue streams (Keeping Jeremy in diapers and
formula) while adding a project manager to create an open development
environment for the plain-vanilla-stable version of Asterisk.

Your Mileage May Vary.

Kind Regards,
Christopher J. Wolff,
Broadband Labs, Inc.

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