[Asterisk-Dev] permit/deny in channel configs

Olle E. Johansson oej at edvina.net
Tue Jan 6 14:55:25 MST 2004

I played around with permit/deny in channel configs today and did not get it
working as expected. Debugging it seems like the config parser strips of the netmask,
so only the IP address is sent to the function that crates the linked list.

I've opened a bug in bugs on this. I feel it is pretty important to fix this.
However, reading config.c I can't really figure out where it happens. Anyone familiar
with the parser?


I've also added a patch to acl.c/acl.h that adds a function to duplicate the
permit/deny list from one peer to another. The copying seems to work, but I
can't really confirm it is working as expected - that is, denying hosts :-)


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