[Asterisk-Dev] benevolent dictatorship, or inclusive developper community?

Chris Albertson chrisalbertson90278 at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 6 17:35:24 MST 2004

What hapens in other Open Source projects is that someone
gets _really_ frustrated and also happens to have some free time
so he copies the current code into his own CVS system and runs
with it.  If he does a good job user follow.

I imagine that if someone were to take the current code, apply
all the patches there are out there, test it with a beta program
and then documet the features no one would bother using Digium's
CVS system any more - they'd go for the "stable" tar file.

Most people I think feel it is easier to put up with the current
situation then to step forward the take on the job of "doing it
right".  It would take a lot of time.

I can envision someone wanting to run a company that did mostly
Asterisk consulting wanting to take on this job.  being the place
"everyone" goes to get the slick-packaged Asterisk code would get
them a reputation and a leg up on the other Asterisk consulting
companies.  But as above, It would take a lot of time.

--- asterisk at lists.styx.org wrote:
> sorry for the cross post, but this is germane to the
> developpers as well as the larger user community.
> Re: [SIP 0000104]: [patch] Cisco-like NAT trick for outbound SIP
> connections
> On Sat, Jan 03, 2004 at 08:07:29PM -0600, bugs at digium.com wrote:
> > 
> > A BUGNOTE has been added to this bug.
> tabarnac! it's been months now!
> the only thing that i can think at this point is that
> mark doesn't want sip to work through nat.
> i am getting very frustrated with digium's "benevolent
> dictatorship" of this project.
> how to make the asterisk project more inclusive of
> people's development efforts and contributions?
> is it time to start thinking about a fork?
> -w
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