[Asterisk-Dev] chan_skinny enhanced features

Peter E. Clark peter_clark at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 17 19:08:55 MST 2004

--- "Theo P. Zourzouvillys" <theo at crazygreek.co.uk> wrote:
> the latest firmware for the l2 series may well do, have you checked?
> the old > 79xx firmware also used to use a .cnf file.

I haven't been able to determine for sure if there is a more recent
version.  Cisco seems to have ended support of these phones and I can't
find very much information about them on their site.  I'm not sure
where to look for firmware as a result.  There may be an archive
somewhere with but I haven't been able to find one just serching around
the web.  My phone display says L2.02 when it boots. 


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