[Asterisk-Dev] chan_skinny enhanced features

Jan Czmok czmok at gatel.net
Mon Feb 16 09:35:06 MST 2004

Peter E. Clark (peter_clark at yahoo.com) wrote:
> When I initially looked at chan_sccp code it looked like it was pretty
> much focused on the 79xx phones.  My idea was to get some cheap 12SP+
> and VIP 30 Phones from ebay, and build a cheap home system with maybe
> 10 extensions from them.  When I tried chan_skinny, it worked for the
> most basic features with the 12SP+ so I've been working from that.  
> I've tried out the latest code for the chan_sccp from the cvs
> repository last night and it does seem to work, but has some issues
> with the 12SP+.  I added a button template for the 12 Series that seems
> to work but the feature buttons like hold etc don't seem to work, and
> there's a problem configuring multiple lines on the 12SP+.

Please open a ticket (as for the moment) at


and submit the code changes as well. i am also getting a 12SP+ and 7905
besides my current phones (7920/7960) so that we can include all the
missing button templates.

> If the two are going to be merged should I focus on chan_sccp?  If
> you're already working on support for 12 series do you want some help?
> Do you have any dumps of any of the 12 series downloading their .cnf
> file or the default .cnf file?  They don't seem to use the .xml format
> that the 79xx series do.

no, AFAIK they use a different format but i can request the dumps from a
friend of mine who owns some of the 12+ / 30VIP phones.

the main basic for was done from theo, i am also contributing whatever i
can do for the chan_sccp project and probably the "lambda-solutions"
code is a bit more beta than theos, but we regularly syncup/backport
this to theo's CVS (thanks to siggi at that point). 

just to point this out : the stable/original WILL always be theo's. 
My CVS will be more experimental and (likely) some more buggy, but will
in the forehand support more devices, but as the support will be stable
for a Skinny phone, we'll backport it to theo's CVS. 

my code is not a spinoff, just to make this clear.


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