[Asterisk-Dev] chan_skinny enhanced features

Theo P. Zourzouvillys theo at crazygreek.co.uk
Mon Feb 16 08:10:54 MST 2004

On Monday 16 February 2004 14:07, Peter E. Clark wrote:
> When I initially looked at chan_sccp code it looked like it was pretty
> much focused on the 79xx phones.  

mostly, yes, althouh i'm currently getting the ATA18x working with it, and it 
should nto be any problem getting other SCCP devices working, as it was meant 
to be pretty modular.

> I've tried out the latest code for the chan_sccp from the cvs
> repository last night and it does seem to work, but has some issues
> with the 12SP+.  I added a button template for the 12 Series that seems
> to work but the feature buttons like hold etc don't seem to work, and
> there's a problem configuring multiple lines on the 12SP+.

Thats because there isn't actually anyhting but stubs for features, yet :)

> If you're already working on support for 12 series do you want some help?

sure - i don't have any l2 phones, so can't really work too well on getting 
them working :)

> Do you have any dumps of any of the 12 series downloading their .cnf
> file or the default .cnf file?  They don't seem to use the .xml format
> that the 79xx series do.

the latest firmware for the l2 series may well do, have you checked? the old 
79xx firmware also used to use a .cnf file.

Kind Reagrds,

 ~ Theo

Theo Zourzouvllys
<theo at crazygreek.co.uk>

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