[Asterisk-Dev] Voicemail problems and fix request

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Wed Mar 5 14:41:01 MST 2003

I have been noticing a number of problems / misfeatures in Voicemail on *.  None of them are major, 
just annoying to the users.

1.  If you are checking your voicemail and another call comes into voicemail it creates an 'orphan' 
message.  This message will have a number other than 0 and can't be retrieved but triggers the 
voicemail waiting light.  Either allow the voicemail checker to read messages starting at other than 
0000 or push the new message down after it's written. ( or something else creative )

2.  In order to get windows compatible soundfiles email to users you need to record in wav and WAV 
formats or it can't email the correct one to you.  It would be nice to be able to select the writing 
formats and emailing formats separately.

3.  ADSI scripts cause problems with voicemail.  If the users press any soft keys the phone stops 
sending DTMF tones ( it also ignores the soft keys after that ).  I have had to disable the script 
loading portion of adsi_load_vmail to retain the display functions without softkeys.

Bill Heckel
sender of thinkgeek goodies

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