[Asterisk-Dev] FXO Hardware Sourcing

Iain Stevenson iain at iainstevenson.com
Sat Mar 1 14:51:47 MST 2003

--On Saturday, March 1, 2003 3:28 am +1100 Mathew Frank 
<mfrank at bigpond.net.au> wrote:

<snip - with detail of vocp ....>

> I just read a (feb 2003) recomendation for a 'US Robotics 2976' as it is a
> new model hardware PCI modem with full duplex.   What model do you have?
> (I`m wondering if USR have improved voice quality)

It's a very old USR 56k voice/fax/data modem - modern ones are probably 
much better!  One of the biggest problems with my modem is that it uses a 
proprietary voice file format necessitating a messy conversion process 
to/from .wav


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