[Asterisk-Dev] XXX Need to handle Retransmitting XXX

James Sizemore james at deny.org
Mon Mar 3 00:24:03 MST 2003

I have come to the conclusion I can not live without
SIP retransmitting. I remember that a least two
persons claimed to be rewriting the chan_sip driver.

I would like to know who is working to improve or
re-implement SIP support in Asterisk. I would like
to be involved. If no one is working on implementing
retransmitting. I guess I better get reading up on
the latest proposed SIP standard. LOL

I am assuming I would need to create a little
state machine to at least keep up with the
last sip packet sent, and resend it to the
new end location. If anyone wishs to comment
on there ideals for implementing retransmitting
or at least has an ideal of what is involved feel
free to send me a line.

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