[Asterisk-Dev] Alert-info distinctive ring for SIP devices

denon denon at denon.cx
Wed Jun 18 16:36:36 MST 2003

hmm .. well, I'd have to give the peter2 thing some thought .. but if you 
want to do r1 r2 etc, there could be a SIPring.conf that defined a url for 
each number ..

I suppose the safe way (non-peter) would be to have it as a separate 
arguments (which would break stuff etc .. ugg).  It could also have a 
special delimiter of its own .. which makes it non-standard to the other 
technolgies .. also a Bad Thing(tm)..  I dont know if there are any other 
good ideas.   Maybe if you fire one of the Peters? :)


At 07:11 PM 6/18/2003 -0400, you wrote:
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>Hey guys,
>         I cooked up the Alert-Info mod for SIP distinctive ring a
>few days ago, and Mark committed it today.  He did have
>reservations, though.  He mentioned, along with the
>VXML_URL code I emulated, that it was a little kludgey.
>Mark said that it'd be best if we could emulate distinctive
>ring as we do for the zapata lines.
>         Now, I'd not have a problem with this, except for the fact
>that the RFC states that you must send a URL in the
>Alert-info header to tell the device which ringtone to use.
>  In Cisco's implementation, however, they use an integer in
>the Alert-info field to specify what type of cadence should
>be used on any ringer you specify.
>         Some of you may be seeing my befuddlement at this point;
>I'd like to do as Mark asks, however to make this mod work
>on the Cisco's (Which most of us have, and apparently is
>the only unit we know of that actually implements
>Alert-info) AND any future devices that support it, we'd
>need some way to dynamically change what we're sending to
>the device.
>         Not to mention the fun that'd be had by trying to
>implement ring cadence a-la Zap/ when you can have SIP
>devices with alphanumeric handles  (Zap/2r2 is pretty easy,
>but what about SIP/peter2?  Is the SIP name pete? Is it
>peter?  Is it peter2 for all we know?  How do we know?
>Maybe the person isn't even SPECIFYING the distinctive
>ring, and their SIP phone just happens to be peter2.)
>         If anyone has any ideas, I'd like to figure out the "Right
>Way[tm]" to do this, as I agree with Mark that the current
>implementation is a bit of a kludge.
>Pete (km-)
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