[Asterisk-Dev] Alert-info distinctive ring for SIP devices

Peter Grace pgrace at fierymoon.com
Wed Jun 18 16:11:35 MST 2003

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Hey guys,

	I cooked up the Alert-Info mod for SIP distinctive ring a
few days ago, and Mark committed it today.  He did have
reservations, though.  He mentioned, along with the
VXML_URL code I emulated, that it was a little kludgey.
Mark said that it'd be best if we could emulate distinctive
ring as we do for the zapata lines.

	Now, I'd not have a problem with this, except for the fact
that the RFC states that you must send a URL in the
Alert-info header to tell the device which ringtone to use.
 In Cisco's implementation, however, they use an integer in
the Alert-info field to specify what type of cadence should
be used on any ringer you specify.

	Some of you may be seeing my befuddlement at this point;
I'd like to do as Mark asks, however to make this mod work
on the Cisco's (Which most of us have, and apparently is
the only unit we know of that actually implements
Alert-info) AND any future devices that support it, we'd
need some way to dynamically change what we're sending to
the device.

	Not to mention the fun that'd be had by trying to
implement ring cadence a-la Zap/ when you can have SIP
devices with alphanumeric handles  (Zap/2r2 is pretty easy,
but what about SIP/peter2?  Is the SIP name pete? Is it
peter?  Is it peter2 for all we know?  How do we know? 
Maybe the person isn't even SPECIFYING the distinctive
ring, and their SIP phone just happens to be peter2.)

	If anyone has any ideas, I'd like to figure out the "Right
Way[tm]" to do this, as I agree with Mark that the current
implementation is a bit of a kludge.

Pete (km-)

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