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Alex Lopez alex at opsys.com
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On Thu, 24 Jul 2003 11:48:59 -0400, Alex Lopez <alex at opsys.com> wrote:
> It occurred to me that maybe an additional; field in voicemail.conf could 
> be added for this, I would prefer to read from zapata.conf so as to have 
> one less file to edit during moves/adds/deletes. But, if a mailbox is a 
> guest mailbox, (no port associated with it) The outbound context could be 
> stored there or simply if no context info available default to the vmout 
> context.

As someone who is completely SIP-based, I'm voting against keeping it in 
zapata.conf.  :-)

Agreed, SIP does not use zapata.conf. I'll second your vote, as the other technologies do not use zapata.

We've been having similar ponderances over here about the concept of a 
user, and keeping their DID number/extension/context/etc together... 
basically, we'd like to do some sort of web and Cisco XML interface for 
call forward/voicemail/etc, and it's not quite as easy as one would think 
;-)  -rt

On the customer I am configuring now, they have several companies working out of one location.  I put the different phones, sip, and IAX into the correct context for outgoing calls so that CID shows the correct name.  How hard would it be to add something to voicemail.conf??

As far as call forwarding is concerned. I am thinking about having a DB that the user can place a value of 'where' they are. I would then do a lookup against the DB and send the call there.

My idea is to use touch tones and the phone as an interface as someone may not have access to a browser, but usually always have access to a phone. These options are not mutually exclusive.

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