[Asterisk-Dev] Zap show channels bug?

John Todd jtodd at loligo.com
Wed Jul 2 01:39:29 MST 2003

I have not had the same experience.  "show channels" is accurate as 
far as I have been able to determine.  I have never had "show 
channels" give me bad data like the "zap show channels" output has, 
and I normally look at both if I have to look at either.  Perhaps 
this is a different problem?  It of course could be related, but it's 
odd that I have not seen the same error.


>'show channels'  has also a problem related to this. It is very 
>often showing wrong numbers.
>Those are numbers that have been active some time earlier.
>And these are the same incorrect extension numbers that 'zap show 
>channels' show.
>In other words ...
>When you see numbers in inactive channels with 'zap show channels',
>you can expect to see those incorrectly in 'show channels' as well.
>Mark Spencer wrote:
>>Actually, "zap show channels" was Matt Fredrickson's project before he
>>left for his Mormon mission.  He should be finishing his two year mission
>>next March, so it might get completed then, or possibly earlier if someone
>>wants to actually determine what would be useful info to display and make
>>a patch :)
>>On 1 Jul 2003, Steven Critchfield wrote:
>>>Just so you know you aren't alone. I have similar things happening on my
>>>system. I'm not sure how useful it is. I have used it to see what my
>>>high water mark is.
>>>I'm guessing in channels/chan_zap.c around either line 1590 or 1680
>>>there needs to be a line added to set p->exten = NULL.
>>>On Tue, 2003-07-01 at 17:13, John Todd wrote:
>>>>This odd output has always been the case on my particular systems,
>>>>and only now am I starting to think that something is amiss with the
>>>>"zap show channels" display:
>>>>gw3*CLI> zap show channels
>>>>Chan. Num. Extension  Context    Language   MusicOnH
>>>>   1 1410985012 pri-inboun
>>>>   2 1410985012 pri-inboun
>>>>   3 1301531972 pri-inboun
>>>>   4 1410985012 pri-inboun
>>>>   5 1410985012 pri-inboun
>>>>   6            pri-inboun
>>>>   7            pri-inboun
>>>>   8            pri-inboun
>>>>   9            pri-inboun
>>>>  10            pri-inboun
>>>>  11            pri-inboun
>>>>  12            pri-inboun
>>>>  13            pri-inboun
>>>>  14            pri-inboun
>>>>  15            pri-inboun
>>>>  16            pri-inboun
>>>>  17            pri-inboun
>>>>  18            pri-inboun
>>>>  19            pri-inboun
>>>>  20            pri-inboun
>>>>  21            pri-inboun
>>>>  22            pri-inboun
>>>>  23            pri-inboun
>>>>There are _no_ active channels on this PRI (yes, I am _absolutely_
>>>>sure.)   This output, however, is confusing - why does it show that
>>>>certain Zap channels have calls?  When there is a call on Zap/1-1,
>>>>the output is identical.
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