[Asterisk-Dev] Re: VoiceXML Connectivity for Asterisk

Raj Kiran Talusani raj at phonologies.com
Wed Dec 3 12:03:47 MST 2003

Thanks for the reply,

>You mention above that you are using SIP. Why not just use SIP to
>transport the call to your software? Then there is no code writing
>needed unless there is SIP interop problems. 

I have no SIP interoperability problems.

But suppose in an hypothetical situation , there is an advanced conferencing 
app. I call into the conference and then invoke the app_voicexml, which will 
have a dialouge with me and help me to find the phone number of my friend 
from my online address book. Then i will dialout this number and connect him 
to the conference. 

I have one more important question here. In asterisk, extentions are a series 
of applications listed in order. Is it possible tor the application return 
back some data, that could be used by the next step in that extension??


exten => 1234,1,VoiceXML(getphonenum.vxml)

this voicexml app would have a dialog with the user and gets phone number 
from the addressbook. Now how does the VoiceXML app return back this number 
so that it can be used by the next step of this extension to dial out this 
number .. or something like that


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