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Greg Boehnlein damin at nacs.net
Tue Nov 23 08:53:36 MST 2004

On Tue, 23 Nov 2004, Kevin P. Fleming wrote:

> alex at pilosoft.com wrote:
> > No, we are saying you should buy your data T1 from the same provider who 
> > is going to provide you voice over that same T1.
> Exactly. Or, in our case, we also have a regional DSL provider who is 
> connected to our ISP's gateway router (and thus only one hop farther 
> from our equipment than our T1-attached customers), and they are working 
> on providing downstream QoS to their customers who use our service.

DSL sucks. While they may give you QOS at the IP level, the underlying ATM 
and/or Frame Networks will still suffer from overcongestion and will have 
no idea of the TOS bits set at the IP level riding below them.
> Once that is in place, customers who are willing to sacrifice a little 
> reliability to save a lot of money will have that option. There are 
> still some "oversubscription" points in the DSL network that the DSL 
> provider cannot control, but by and large it will be an acceptable 
> solution for a great deal of small customers.
> Again, though, this traffic is not going over the "wild" Internet; yes, 
> it is traversing a (single) public Internet router, but I have not a 
> small whit of concern about that router's ability to feed traffic at 
> full speed to each of these links.

All that being said, we have a 100 meg hand-off to X/O's backbone, and a 
client that insisted on doing 6 lines through a 1.54 meg SDSL connection 
through X/O. We initially refused to do the project, but after a 
traceroute revelead they were 2 hops away (Our router, DSL router) w/ an 
average latency of about 16ms, we decided to give it a try. So far, so 
good, but the minute their DSL takes a dump, we have a plan in place to 
route all their calls to their Cell Phones. So far, that hasn't happened, 
but I'm expecting it any minute now. ;)

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