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Sun Nov 21 11:00:44 MST 2004

Again, we see VoipJet's competitors trying to spread FEAR, UNCERTAINTY AND DOUBT (FUD).

I have confirmed everything with several carriers (on a Sunday no less) and everything is fine.  VoipJet is handing off traffic to 60 Hudson in New York and everything is 100% by the book and within the rules.  We hand off traffic for some of the largest telcos in the world, and if they say everything is fine then I trust them.  They know the rules.

To our loyal customers: Keep sending us traffic!  We are profitable today, expanding only with surplus funds and never spend a customer's prepayment before it is used.  Yes, we are that financially strong.

Matthew: We've read our contracts.  You haven't read our contracts.  We've talked with our carriers about our contracts.  You haven't talked with our carriers about our contracts.

So . . .everyone keep sending us all your traffic.  Anything you want, including USA non-rboc traffic.  It's actually mostly on-net for us, anyway, and we make plenty of profit on it.



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