[Asterisk-biz] Asterisk Business Termination -- VOIPJET VERY IMPORTANT REGARDING A RECENT POST

alex at pilosoft.com alex at pilosoft.com
Sat Nov 20 21:46:13 MST 2004

On Sat, 20 Nov 2004, VoipJet Asterisk Biz List wrote:

> It is important for our customers to note that Alex has no affiliation
> with VoipJet and what he wrote was false (an uneducated guess).  All
> that stuff about twtelecom and IP transit was also wrong.  I'm assuming
> he was tracing to voipjet.com, which is hosted in a completely different
> part of the country as our IAX servers.

> Alex: Please do not comment on this thread or any others posted
> regarding VoipJet.  You have shown you know very little about our
> company.  Your guesses about things tend to be wrong and confuse
> potential customers. I'm sorry I have to say this in public, but we have
> to set the record straight and defend our sterling reputation for
> quality.
A "company" without a merchant account (paypal only, huh?), with servers
on "Amazing NAC Network" and without even a proper SSL certificate in
their name (a 100$ expense) has little right to tell me what I should and
I shouldn't comment on.

While you are on it, please explain to uneducated public just how can you
terminate calls to NECA (Tariff 5) rural carriers for 1.3c/minute. I am
saying it cannot be done [legally]. You can read the tariff here for
yourself:  http://www.neca.org/media/tariff5.pdf section 17.2.3 rate band
8 - tariff is 1.9c/min. That's what rural telcos charge to terminate calls
onto their network, and that's what *someone* has to pay.

I don't have a problem with you. I do have a problem when people
intentionally sell under their cost and try to claim they are making
money - it does not make a good competition.

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