[Asterisk-biz] Asterisk Business Termination -- VOIPJET VERY IMPORTANT REGARDING A RECENT POST

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Sat Nov 20 21:19:50 MST 2004

Alex: We use multiple carriers for USA termination, not one.  Virtually no one just uses one carrier.

It is important for our customers to note that Alex has no affiliation with VoipJet and what he wrote was false (an uneducated guess).  All that stuff about twtelecom and IP transit was also wrong.  I'm assuming he was tracing to voipjet.com, which is hosted in a completely different part of the country as our IAX servers.

Alex: Please do not comment on this thread or any others posted regarding VoipJet.  You have shown you know very little about our company.  Your guesses about things tend to be wrong and confuse potential customers. I'm sorry I have to say this in public, but we have to set the record straight and defend our sterling reputation for quality.

VoipJet Inc. Support

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