[Asterisk-biz] Asterisk Business Termination

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at starnetworks.us
Fri Nov 19 20:43:08 MST 2004

Tracy R Reed wrote:

> You do realize there is really no such thing as an "unlimited" plan right?
> Any unlimited plan is just charging you for more than you are likely to
> use and ripping you off.  If you really do use it like an unlimited plan
> someone will point out the weasel clause in your contract and cut you off.
> Unfortunately because some people claim to offer unlimited plans everyone
> has to in order to be competitive. I hope someday they make this sort of
> thing illegal. Don't mind me, I'm just annoyed today.

I'm really amazed that no one has used the Truth In Advertising laws to 
get Vonage to change their advertising. Their terms of service (the last 
ones I saw anyway) have an explicit cap on long distance usage, but the 
ads continue to tout that it is "unlimited". Just because the limit is 
extremely high and would not be hit by 99.99% of their users does not 
make it OK to outright lie to the consumer.

As Tracy said to the OP, there is no such thing as an unlimited plan. 
You can buy termination at very low rates, and if you buy 8 channels of 
IAX and use them 24/7 you'd end up paying around $3,500.00 at the best 
wholesale rates that exist right now. There was a post earlier today or 
yesterday on this list offering unlimited usage T-1s to  the US for $3K 
per month, but then you have transport costs to deal with.

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