[Asterisk-biz] Asterisk Business Termination

Matthew Marlowe matthew.marlowe at gmail.com
Sat Nov 20 06:05:58 MST 2004

You need these lines for a business.. Instead of looking for unlimited
trying to save a buck - Why don't you look around and try any provide
you feel fit and see who provides the best quality, customer service,
etc.  Your running a business.  You can't manage your voip service
being cancelled and not being able to receive calls.  It's not
professional, it's not the way to run a business.

On Fri, 19 Nov 2004 20:43:08 -0700, Kevin P. Fleming
<kpfleming at starnetworks.us> wrote:
> Tracy R Reed wrote:
> > You do realize there is really no such thing as an "unlimited" plan right?
> > Any unlimited plan is just charging you for more than you are likely to
> > use and ripping you off.  If you really do use it like an unlimited plan
> > someone will point out the weasel clause in your contract and cut you off.
> > Unfortunately because some people claim to offer unlimited plans everyone
> > has to in order to be competitive. I hope someday they make this sort of
> > thing illegal. Don't mind me, I'm just annoyed today.
> I'm really amazed that no one has used the Truth In Advertising laws to
> get Vonage to change their advertising. Their terms of service (the last
> ones I saw anyway) have an explicit cap on long distance usage, but the
> ads continue to tout that it is "unlimited". Just because the limit is
> extremely high and would not be hit by 99.99% of their users does not
> make it OK to outright lie to the consumer.
> As Tracy said to the OP, there is no such thing as an unlimited plan.
> You can buy termination at very low rates, and if you buy 8 channels of
> IAX and use them 24/7 you'd end up paying around $3,500.00 at the best
> wholesale rates that exist right now. There was a post earlier today or
> yesterday on this list offering unlimited usage T-1s to  the US for $3K
> per month, but then you have transport costs to deal with.
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