[Asterisk-biz] certified by asterisk?

gloria gloria at konceptusa.com
Wed Nov 17 11:46:37 MST 2004


Thanks for your suggestion. We'll look into IAX, many thanks!

We don't list price on website, because we don't deal with individual customers. Anyone who's interested in our price, please just drop me an email.

Please note, we are those 100 companies who dish out a solution. We do have a development, and our own factory. 

In fact, we not only develop our hardwares, but also have our own softswitch(H.323) and billing system with call forwarding, conference call, voicemail features. Our A-Z rates are not bad as well, but it's not our focus. 

Our primary business is a turnkey solution provider for VOIP carriers. We have different kinds of IP phones(USB; broadband and adaptors); softswitch (the management platform to manage all these end user devices); billing system an A-Z worldwide termination. So in another word, we have all elements ready for any company to become a VOIP service provider immediately and in a very cost effective way.
Our second business is to sell IP phones alone to be used on other vendor's platform and IP PBX. We can make our IP phone with standard SIP;H.323 and MGCP.Comparing with those several-hundreds-dollards IP phone, we provide customers with  much affordable alternatives with same great quality.

Have a nice day!

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