[Asterisk-biz] certified by asterisk?

alex at pilosoft.com alex at pilosoft.com
Wed Nov 17 13:51:59 MST 2004

On Thu, 18 Nov 2004, gloria wrote:

> Please note, we are those 100 companies who dish out a solution. We do
> have a development, and our own factory.
So why can't any of those 100 companies produce a freaking voip phone that
doesn't cost 250$, doesn't suck, and doesn't look like something I'm
ashamed to have at my desk?

Right now, for business phones, I can really only use snom polycom or 
cisco, which are all 250$ each.

> In fact, we not only develop our hardwares, but also have our own
> softswitch(H.323) and billing system with call forwarding, conference
> call, voicemail features. Our A-Z rates are not bad as well, but it's
> not our focus.
Who doesn't have that.

> Our primary business is a turnkey solution provider for VOIP carriers.
> We have different kinds of IP phones(USB; broadband and adaptors);
> softswitch (the management platform to manage all these end user
> devices); billing system an A-Z worldwide termination. So in another
> word, we have all elements ready for any company to become a VOIP
> service provider immediately and in a very cost effective way.
And why would anyone become "voip service provider" when there are 500 
providers like that who are all buying from you? 

> Our second business is to sell IP phones alone to be used on other
> vendor's platform and IP PBX. We can make our IP phone with standard
> SIP;H.323 and MGCP.Comparing with those several-hundreds-dollards IP
> phone, we provide customers with much affordable alternatives with same
> great quality.
Comment on that is in private email.

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