[Asterisk-biz] VoipJet's Terms of Service

Brandon Patterson siptech at livevoip.com
Tue Nov 16 14:22:43 MST 2004

The various towns in California have made it clear that after Jan 1st 2005
enforcement action will be taken. Its a question for the accounting & legal
people but, they do have the right to do this just like cell is taxed in


> Kanuri, Seshu (Company IT) wrote:

> Yes, I understand those are their current rules. However, that is not
> the way these things are normally done: if a customer calls Qwest and
> orders a line to be installed in Phoenix, AZ, with a billing address in
> San Jose, CA, then the taxes charged will be Phoenix taxes, not San Jose
> taxes. This is because the service is being _delivered_ to Phoenix.
> With VOIP, though, the service could be delivered anywhere. If a
> customer with a billing address of La Jolla, CA goes to San Jose for a
> month, and takes their VOIP service with them, then the service is no
> longer being delivered to La Jolla. This is going to be a very difficult
> issue for taxing authorities to deal with, because there is no direct
> relationship between the billing address and the delivery location, and
> unlike normal PSTN services there is no "service address", because the
> customer can relocate the services themselves.

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