[Asterisk-biz] VoipJet's Terms of Service

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at starnetworks.us
Tue Nov 16 14:18:39 MST 2004

Kanuri, Seshu (Company IT) wrote:

> If you have a customer who has registered for the VOIP service with a
> Home Address in the City of La Jola, CA, you have to collect the Local
> Tariff and pay to the city every month, with a list of all the customers
> and a summary of all the bills raised on them. 

Yes, I understand those are their current rules. However, that is not 
the way these things are normally done: if a customer calls Qwest and 
orders a line to be installed in Phoenix, AZ, with a billing address in 
San Jose, CA, then the taxes charged will be Phoenix taxes, not San Jose 
taxes. This is because the service is being _delivered_ to Phoenix.

With VOIP, though, the service could be delivered anywhere. If a 
customer with a billing address of La Jolla, CA goes to San Jose for a 
month, and takes their VOIP service with them, then the service is no 
longer being delivered to La Jolla. This is going to be a very difficult 
issue for taxing authorities to deal with, because there is no direct 
relationship between the billing address and the delivery location, and 
unlike normal PSTN services there is no "service address", because the 
customer can relocate the services themselves.

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