[Asterisk-biz] Looking for A-Z rates.

Shamsul.Arefin at saktek.com.au Shamsul.Arefin at saktek.com.au
Sun Nov 14 18:12:33 MST 2004

So far we don't have problem with netweb group. Yes they are not as big as 
Nufine or VoiceJet, But for support at least I can contact them via MI and 
phone and never been disappointed.


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RE: [Asterisk-biz] Looking for A-Z rates.

On Fri, 12 Nov 2004, Paul Rodan wrote:
> How is Voipjet's customer service? Although, as a tech, I can vouch for
> NuFone's overall quality and reliability, my superiors very much dislike 
> amount of time it took me to get assistance from NuFone.

So far, so good. As good as NuFone BTW. I never had an issue with NuFone
that they can't handle it quickly.

But stay AWAY from NetWeb. Their price is great, but their email support
is non-existent. If you are able to read minds and guess configurations,
go ahead. Otherwise, stay with NuFone/VoipJet.
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