[Asterisk-biz] VoipJet Price Drop: USA 1.3 cents

VoipJet AsteriskBiz List asteriskbiz at voipjet.com
Thu Nov 11 06:29:24 MST 2004

VoipJet Inc. Announces IAX Termination for the Continental USA for 1.3

No minimum usage.

Call either landline or cell.

Instant online signup at www.voipjet.com

Signup for an account at get $0.25 instantly to test (real calls to the
PSTN) after you verify your email address.  Then add money in $5
increments to your account via PayPal or MoneyBookers for further

When you are ready to send real traffic (and we won't push you, so take
your time and shop around) you can send us a wire transfer.

Our servers are located on the NAC network, and you can traceroute to
www.nac.net to get an idea of the excellent connectivity that we have.

So head to www.voipjet.com and take a look.  Our wholesale rates are
posted right on the website.

P.S. Germany landline also at 1.3 cents, and it goes from New York to
Germany via TDM for highest quality.


Best Wishes,

VoipJet Customer Support

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