[asterisk-users] Mailing List Future

Joshua C. Colp jcolp at sangoma.com
Mon Dec 4 06:00:00 CST 2023

Greetings all,

Over the past few years, the use of the Asterisk mailing lists has
diminished, with far more conversation happening on the Asterisk community
forums[1]. The state of email, to ensure reliable delivery, has also gotten
more complicated - emails get caught by spam filters, etc.. To continue the
mailing lists would require a huge time and resource investment, for
minimal use.

To that end, we’ve decided to discontinue the mailing lists effective
February 1st, 2024.

This means the following:

1. Sending and receiving mailing list emails will no longer be possible.
2. The list archives, however, will remain available.

We recommend those who have not already done so migrate to the Asterisk
Community forums[1]. You can choose to receive emails for posts if you
wish, or purely use the web interface. You’re also able to privately
message other individuals if you wish. Scoped categories also exist for
more specific help.


[1] https://community.asterisk.org/

Joshua C. Colp
Asterisk Project Lead
Sangoma Technologies
Check us out at www.sangoma.com and www.asterisk.org
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