[asterisk-users] Asterisk 16 voicemail app not playing wav49 files.

Steve Sether ssether at usinternet.com
Fri Jan 28 16:12:56 CST 2022

We're having a problem where Asterisk 16 refuses to play voicemail 
recordings and greetings stored in wav49 format.  It throws an error 
similar to the following:

     2022-01-27 11:31:37 format_wav.c: Not a supported wav file format 
(49). Only PCM encoded, 16 bit, mono, 8kHz/16kHz files are supported 
with a lowercase '.wav' extension.
     2022-01-27 11:31:37 file.c: Unable to open format wav
     2022-01-27 11:31:37 file.c: Unable to open 
/var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/user-VOICEMAIL/9202816/unavail (format 
(ulaw)): No such file or directory

These greetings and voicemail were all created on an Asterisk 11 server, 
and they won't play on 16.

The only thing we're doing slightly differently is we use the ODBC 
backend to store the recording as a binary blob.  I'd make a stab based 
on the error message that the problem has something to do with there not 
really being a filename, since it's stored in a database.  But this is 

It's worth noting that Asterisk 16 will record Asterisk voicemail and 
greetings as a PCM wav file, despite the default entry in voicemail.conf of:


So it seems that Asterisk is ignoring what's in voicemail.conf, and just 
storing the file as a PCM wav.

Changing this to format=wav49 changes nothing.

Plaback of the PCM wav files works fine.

Any help is appreciated.  Thanks.

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