[asterisk-users] Couldn't find auth 'provider'

Marek Greško mgresko8 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 20 01:32:20 CDT 2021


pjsip show auths shows only phone accounts. nothing about provider. But
strange registration works and it uses the same auth section.

The sorcery.conf file contains:


I can see no relevant errors in /var/log/asterisk/messages file. Only some
unrelated stuff:
[Oct 19 19:55:18] Asterisk 18.2.0 built by mockbuild @
buildhw-x86-04.iad2.fedoraproject.org on a x86_64 running Linux on
2021-02-08 08:28:42 UTC
[Oct 19 19:55:18] NOTICE[4385] loader.c: 300 modules will be loaded.
[Oct 19 19:55:18] NOTICE[4385] cdr.c: CDR simple logging enabled.
[Oct 19 19:55:18] WARNING[4385] res_musiconhold.c: No music on hold classes
configured, disabling music on hold.
[Oct 19 19:55:18] WARNING[4385] res_phoneprov.c: Unable to find a valid
server address or name.
[Oct 19 19:55:20] NOTICE[4385] res_smdi.c: No SMDI interfaces are available
to listen on, not starting SMDI listener.
[Oct 19 19:55:20] ERROR[4385] ari/config.c: No configured users for ARI
[Oct 19 19:55:20] NOTICE[4385] confbridge/conf_config_parser.c: Adding
default_menu menu to app_confbridge
[Oct 19 19:55:20] NOTICE[4385] cel_custom.c: No mappings found in
cel_custom.conf. Not logging CEL to custom CSVs.
[Oct 19 19:55:20] WARNING[4385] loader.c: Some non-required modules failed
to load.
[Oct 19 19:55:20] ERROR[4385] loader.c: Failed to resolve dependencies for
[Oct 19 19:55:20] ERROR[4385] loader.c: res_stir_shaken declined to load.
[Oct 19 19:55:20] ERROR[4385] loader.c: Failed to resolve dependencies for
[Oct 19 19:55:20] ERROR[4385] loader.c: res_pjsip_stir_shaken declined to



ut 19. 10. 2021 o 20:22 Joshua C. Colp <jcolp at sangoma.com> napísal(a):

> On Tue, Oct 19, 2021 at 3:18 PM Marek Greško <mgresko8 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am observing error:
>> res_pjsip/pjsip_configuration.c:2368 ast_sip_retrieve_auths: Couldn't
>> find auth 'provider'. Cannot authenticate.
>> res_pjsip_outbound_authenticator_digest.c:144
>> digest_create_request_with_auth: Endpoint: 'provider': Failed to set
>> authentication credentials
>> I use config below. It reports the auth section is missing, but it is
>> apparently here.
>> What am I doing wrong?
> What does "pjsip show auths" in the CLI show? When PJSIP loads does it
> state an error with the configuration or any configuration? What is the
> contents of sorcery.conf (is it trying to pull auths from elsewhere)?
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