[asterisk-users] MWI with PJSIP - unsollicitated works fine, solicitated doesn't

Mike michael at virtutel.ca
Mon Nov 15 18:34:18 CST 2021

So I think I am halfway there.


It seems configuring 100 at whatever in the aor turns the MWI subscription
from a 401 unauthorized into a 404 not found.


So I'm guessing the MWI subscribe goes through, since the aor now allows
it, but then fails when asterisk actually looks for the mailbox once
passes the "security" of mailboxes=100 at whatever.


The thing is, the mailbox is only in a table  but asterisk definitely sees
it (and saves msg with no issues). "Voicemail show users for whatever"
lists it as being there.


But the mailbox is neither in voicemail.conf nor users.conf (by design).
Is this needed?


Is there a better place to ask this sort of question?





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Subject: [asterisk-users] MWI with PJSIP - unsollicitated works fine,
solicitated doesn't




Just  recently moved over from chan_sip to PJSIP and am slowly cleaning up
whatever needs to be.


I can't seem to make sollicitated MWI work, but unsollicitated works fine.


I got my phones subscribing to mailbox at context (i.e. 100 at whatever)


I have my related AOR entry (realtime, in a DB) set to
mailboxes=100 at whatever . I can see it is set properly by using the command
"pjsip show aor "


But when I turn pjsip logger on, I see messages from the phones
subscribing and SIP/2.0 401 Unauthorized messages back.


If I put the same column in my realtime DB (mailboxes) for ENPOINT to the
same value (100 at whatever) then it works fine, MWI works on the phone.


For a few reasons I'd like to get MWI working in sollicitated mode
instead.  Is there a trick to it?


I upgraded to Asterisk 18.8.0 just to see if a later patch fixed anything,
so I am current.








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